Monday, September 7, 2009

The Figma invasion and other

So today my Figmas, a Nendo and the Haruhi Artbook arrived. Couldn´t hold myself back from taking one of this Loot-pictures all the anime/manga/figure themed blog seems to have..whyever..

In the front, as you probably notice, is the Haruhi Artbook from characterdesign godness Itou Noiji. Since Haruhi is hot cuisine I´ll at last do a little review on it for sure.

As you can see the boxes are already empty, my new friends couldn´t wait to come out of them and get some fresh airXD

The pink box on the left is from the Louise Nendoroid, the one up on the right is from Tsukasa winter vers. (Lucky Star) Bottom left is evil Wizards Yukis box and on the right Haruhu summer vers. ones.

When I took this photo meanwhile my Figmas already made first contact to each other^^
It seems Lelouch took a liking to Haruhi and chat-up on her. However Haruhi only wants a picture of Yuki in her glorious outfit and tell him to go out of her way.
Tsukasa seems to not see anything of that and just poses for the camera..

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