Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Stuff: Figma Lelouch

With all this pictures of Figma-fun around the net I somehow could not withstand the temptation to get myself a Figma any more. So her comes Lelouch!
From the start he was the first Figma I thought that I would like to have. Since he is meanwhile somehow hard to get I bought him at ebay.
I did not watch a single episode of Code Geass, the only thing I knew about it is that the Character design is by Clamp. However his Figma looks too good and there are soo few boy-figures he was must-get.
He was thought to be a "helping" in deciding to buy or not to buy more Figmas.
He ordered me to buy more, so I did.^^
In about two weeks three more Figmas will arrive; these are Yuki-wizard vers., Haruhi summer vers. and Tsukasa winter vers.
Considering how much fun you already can have with a single Figma (planning to do a photosession) I am really looking forward to more.

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