Sunday, August 16, 2009

Figure Review: OS Idol Win-chan

One of my first figures. Character design by Mine Yoshizaki, as you can clearly see^^ Oh, and just in case you wonder, her CD-shaped base isn´t a real CD.

Figure Name: OS Idol Win-chan Vers.2
Series: -
Manufacture: Kaiyodo
Scale: None (lenght:~11,5cm height:~8,5cm)
My Opinion:
I love that suggestive pose of hers. She has got a very cute appearance and her proportions are done well (eg. her toes, fingers..hmm.. I noticed just now her botttom might be too "big"^^)
Since blue is my favourite colour I also can´t say bad about the colour-choosing; exept for her skin. While I think they choosed a nice skin-tone they meaned it a bit too good with shading her belly.
Have I said that I also love her hair? It´s soo curly^^ and with this too hair-strands on top of her haid she looks like some alien.
About the quality I would say that it is ok, she has some flaws but nothing too bad.
Something I don´t like is the shape of her bikini divide at her back, if she would be standing this thing would look like a giant diaper...


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