Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Stuff: Figma Lelouch

With all this pictures of Figma-fun around the net I somehow could not withstand the temptation to get myself a Figma any more. So her comes Lelouch!
From the start he was the first Figma I thought that I would like to have. Since he is meanwhile somehow hard to get I bought him at ebay.
I did not watch a single episode of Code Geass, the only thing I knew about it is that the Character design is by Clamp. However his Figma looks too good and there are soo few boy-figures he was must-get.
He was thought to be a "helping" in deciding to buy or not to buy more Figmas.
He ordered me to buy more, so I did.^^
In about two weeks three more Figmas will arrive; these are Yuki-wizard vers., Haruhi summer vers. and Tsukasa winter vers.
Considering how much fun you already can have with a single Figma (planning to do a photosession) I am really looking forward to more.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Figure Review: OS Idol Win-chan

One of my first figures. Character design by Mine Yoshizaki, as you can clearly see^^ Oh, and just in case you wonder, her CD-shaped base isn´t a real CD.

Figure Name: OS Idol Win-chan Vers.2
Series: -
Manufacture: Kaiyodo
Scale: None (lenght:~11,5cm height:~8,5cm)
My Opinion:
I love that suggestive pose of hers. She has got a very cute appearance and her proportions are done well (eg. her toes, fingers..hmm.. I noticed just now her botttom might be too "big"^^)
Since blue is my favourite colour I also can´t say bad about the colour-choosing; exept for her skin. While I think they choosed a nice skin-tone they meaned it a bit too good with shading her belly.
Have I said that I also love her hair? It´s soo curly^^ and with this too hair-strands on top of her haid she looks like some alien.
About the quality I would say that it is ok, she has some flaws but nothing too bad.
Something I don´t like is the shape of her bikini divide at her back, if she would be standing this thing would look like a giant diaper...



Figure Review: Shana - Swimsuit Vers.

And once more a figure of my cute Shana-chan^^ This time she even has her beloved melonpan with her.

Figure Name: Shana - Swimsuit Vers.
Series: Shakugan no Shana
Manufacture: Kotobukiya
Scale: 1/6
My Opinion:
I don´t know why but to me this figure doesn´t look very Shana-like. Maybe she looks a bit too grown up to me or her face seems too long...
Something else that´s really disturbing is that base of her. It´s looks so cheap, like some Mattel -plastic stuff.
I like her colours and the pose (melonpan!). Flaws are there, but I found none that really disturbes me.



Figure Review: Sachiel & Lilith xxNano!

Two very cute figures with the design from Mine Yoshizaki, one of my favourite character designers. Since both are small I will do a review for them together, please notice they are not a set.

Figure Name: xxNano! Sachiel / Lilith
Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Manufacture: Wave
Scale: None (about 9cm high)

My Opinion:
Despite the fact I am no Evangelion fan I sometimes can´t withstand to buy Evangelion figures... I really like Mine Yoshizakis design and I also like Chibi-stuff, so these two were not to miss.
I think their quality is very good for so small figures.
Something funny is that the thing on Sachiels head totally reminds of the Hollow-masks in Bleach...

Pictures: (left row Sachiel, right row Lilith)


GFH-Contest contribution

The blog German Figure Hunters is a having one of this nice give-away contests. The motto is something like "Figures doing funny stuff". The content is only for Germans and Austrians, but do not hestitate to take a look at the contributions for it.

Of course I could not leave this chance out, so here is my contribution:
(For bigger picture click on the image)
And here is the description:
Shana: "Eeehh, Ryuna what are you doing back there? And wipe that smirk of your face!""
Have you ever tried to peek under the skirt of your figure" is a common question, but what´s about: "have a figure of yours ever tried to peek under the skirt of your figure"?
Image after a true story! (Ryunas rod once really get stuck in Shanas pants...^^)


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Figure Review: Shana

My, what a grumpy Shana...
Seems like someone is going to die^^

Figure Name: Shana
Series: Shakugan no Shana
Manufacture: Yamato
Scale: 1/8

My Opinion:
I like her pose, but definitely Yamatos quality isn´t the best. The colours are not bad, however there is absolutely no shading. Also her face looks too grumpy for my taste. Something that disturbs me is that Alastor (the necklace) is violet and not red, Yamato really does wrong here.



Figure Review: Shana Candy Bikini Vers.

Here goes the next Shana.
Some people got Haruhi-ism, I got Shana-ism^^

Figure Name: Shana - Candy Bikini Vers.
Series: Shakugan no Shana
Manufacture: Kotobukiya
Scale: 1/8

My Opinion:
A very beautiful and cute Shana figure. The pose looks nice and is almost flawless. (from her arm to her elbow you can see a bigger flaw)
The sand base with the sword is a very nice addition for display. Something that´s done gorgerous is her hair. It has a wonderful sculpt an the different shining-through red tones are looking great. I also think this is one of the better Shana figures, since despite the not Shana-like pose you get the feeling she is just fixing her bikini top and then will grab her sword to fight on.



Figure Review: Arche Klaine much stress the last week..
But let´s concentrate on the next Figure Review^^

Figure Name: Arche Klaine
Series: Tales of Phantasia
Manufacture: Kotobukiya
Scale: 1/8

My Opinion:
Not superb, but nice. She has some flaws like most Ktobukiya figures. I really love her pose, sitting on her broom, hairs flowing in the air.. The water vortex as base looks great, as do her colouring.



Monday, August 3, 2009

On my Wishlist -Drossel Figma

I am sorry for not writing so a long time, but I got lots of real-life stress the last days.
Since I am too exhausted to write a proper post I will just show you my newest most-wished Figure, and then I am off:
Absolute #1 of my Wishlist: Drossel Figma