Monday, July 27, 2009

Wonder Festival: Coverage

Coverage of WF09. Not much more to say. Only stuff interesting for me. Links with more information and pictures at the end of this post.

Let´s start with better pictures of Alters Mercedes, Marisa Nendoroid, the BRS and Canaan PVC from Good Smile:

Canaan Nendoroids: Canaan and Alphard
Is this only me or are Canaans trousers looking angular?

Preview on the Death Note Petite 02 !
Near and Mello -must have.

Figma Canaan
With this there are already three Figures of Canaan...

Figma Ein (series: Requiem for the phantom)

And, of course a Nendoroid of her: (seems they are making Nendos out of everything these days^^)
Wonder what her other faces will look like, so far she is very cute.

Triela from Gunslinger Girls, Good Smile Company

Reimu from Touhou Project

Kiki Oki from the Eroge Sumaga, manufacture Yamato
She looks really interesting to me, I hope Yamato doesn´t screw up the final product.

Here are some Links with more infos/pictures: (at the moment the coverage is not already up, but I know nekomagic will make it superb and very detailed -highly recommended) (German only)

Lots of Pictures: (PVC Figures, mecha) (mostly GK)

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