Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wonder Festival 2009: Preview

As most of you will already know tomorrow is WF09!
You can find lots of posts all araound the internet which already show some of the new figures that we are going to see. I hope that some more figure news will already be avaiable tomorrow evening.
Here some figures that catch my attention:

1/5 Ezomori Nozomu from Kanokon, manufacture Kotobukiya
After WF she will also be avaiable on Kotobukiya online-store in November.
If she would not be so pricy (10.000 yen) and hard to get and I would not be full with pre-orders already I really would like to buy her..
She is from this "4-hearts" series like Watarase Jun, I even think that their poses are similar. Also she does not have much bigger breasts than him^^

Mio Nendoroid from K-On
I do not understand what´s so hot about K-On, or Mio. However I like Nendos, and if she looks good she shall be mine^^ (Also I need this Guitar .. nendo size!)

Nendoroid Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai
Already a must-have. She looks great.

Canaan Good Smile Company PVC
Can´t wait to see this coloured...

Griffon will have their limited colour Touhou Figures at WF, only one of them that looks good to me is white Patchouli: (Patchouli normal colour aswell as Remilia normal colour were pre-ordered by me) Here are lots of beautiful pictures of her:

There are tons of figures comming up, above just my favourites.
Also I am looking forward too the Death Note Nendoroid Petits aswell as the Queen´s Gate -HobbyJapan Petits.

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