Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wonder Festival 2009: First Pictures

Wow! Internet really is something amazing^^ I just looked trough my favourite sites for figure-information and already found some pictures from WF! It seems one Japanese blog offers a Life Coverage of WF, just great.
Here some stuff that catchs my eye, lots of other pictures (aswell as larger scale ones) can be find here:

A painted example for Good Smiles Canaan Figure which I also posted in non-painted stage in my preview of WF. She looks fantastic. However somehow I think it is strange that she already get a Figure release, I mean how long is the series now running? About 3 Episodes or so? Figure builders seems busy in jumping on trends before they are even there...

A second Black Rock Shooter figure. (There is one having release in August)
Not 100% sure, but I think this one is also from Good Smile.
Something I really like about the BRS is this scar, I think it makes her more interesting as if she would have perfect skin. However, I think her bikini top is a bit too tiny...
Iiiiik! Unpainted Marisa Nendoroid. After the Remilia Nendo it was clear that we will see more Touhou Nendoroids. She is cute, but I am pretty sure that she will be hard to get...

Two girls from K-On aswell as Alters Mercedes Figur. Looking very nice, I hope I can see bigger pictures for Mercedes soon.

As I also mentioned in my last post there will also be K-On Nendoroids, so here a look at them:

Kobato from the newest Clamp Manga. I think manufacture has to be Kotobukiya, since their name is standing on the plate nearby. I think her face doesn´t look good, but I can´t really tell from so far away -view.

Also I have seen this new Shining Wind Figure. I am not sure if she is presented at WF, but she looks to good to not be mentioned:

Last picture for the moment. I believe this Nendoroid is something like Good Smiles Mascot. I have already seen her before and I think she is cute. I hope they will release her as a regular Nendoroid.

More Figure-News from WF will follow.

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