Saturday, July 25, 2009

Updates of the last weeks

Since the start of my site some things were updated/ have changed, so here is a list:

Layout: At the start my site was very pink because of the template I choosed, meanwhile it looks less pink. I think the colours now go nicely together.

Feature: Added the "Read more.." feature so that my blog is easier to flip trough.

Language: Re-wrote all my old entries with English, so that everyone can read them. Also you may have seen that in my last two posts I didn´t use German anymore, this is because in the end I realised that writing everything two times in two different languages is hard work... nevertheless some stuff still will also be in German.

Counter: Also added one of them, so please check back often and help my counter to grow :)

My Readers: Since some days I also got people who read my blog regular. So, hello to my two readers! Thanks for reading my blog, hope you enjoy it. And don´t be too shy to leave a comment once in a while^^

Links: As you can see, I don´t have any links (despite in the posts) on my site. At the moment I am checking out how to make link-lists and such stuff and I hope you will soon have some nice links to visit :3
So, hmm.... I think that´s all for now.

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