Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Preorders

Sorry that I am posting so little. The weather is to blame, since where I live the last weeks got very bad weather and besides much rain there also has been thunderstorms, and so going oline was not possible very often. Also, because of that, if good weather was a head I was not very motivated to sitt in my room in front of the PC^^
Next week I am on holiday and will have more time for writting.
For the moment, why don´t you take a look at my preorders for the next months?
August and September are horrible for figure collectors since too much nice figures are comming out in this time, don´t you agree?
So here they are:

Black Rock Shooter by Good Smile Company, August
Love at first sight. Somehow quite a lot of people are getting her.

4-Hearts- Happiness: Jun Watarase by Solid Theater, August

"Aww, such a cute girl!", you are saying? Wrong. This is a boy! He is some crossdresser of the DatingSim Game Happiness. I hope he turns out as great as the prototyp...

Miku -World is mine by Good Smile Company, September
Aww, I am so going with the trend..is there even anyone not bying her?

Re-release of Airi from Queen´s Blade, September
Wanted her very long, I am glad they re-released her.

Re-release of Yuumil from Queen´s Blade
Also wanted since a looong time.

Alleyn from Queen´s Blade
Three Queen´s Blade figures, will be looking nice together

Saber Lily Nendoroid by Good Smile Company
How can anyone not want this cutie^^

So, that´s it for my regular pre-orders. I also get my hands on some specials. Come back tomorrow to see whom I will be getting.


Tut mir echt Leid dass ich so selten in meinen blog schreibe, vorallem daran Schuld ist das Wetter bei mir. Kaum ein Tag an dem es nicht gewittert (und online gehen somit unmöglich wird). Und wenn es dann doch mal schön ist, mag man auch nicht vor dem PC hocken^^
Nächste Woche hab ich Urlaub, ich hoffe ich finde dann mehr Zeit zum Schreiben.
Hier jetzt endlich einmal was Anderes als Artbooks^^
Wer so wie ich Figuren sammelt stimmt mir vielleicht zu, August und September sind zwei echte Horrormonate für Figurenliebhaber. So viele tolle Figuren die da erscheinen... Um sicher zu gehen die Wichtigsten zu erwischen hab ich schon fleißig vorbestellt, ich freu mich schon darauf wenn sie dann endlich eintrudeln:3

Bilder und kurze Info oben. Ein paar spezielle Figuren folgen Morgen noch.

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