Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Links Introduction

Finally! As you can see in my sidebar I now have Links. So, let me tell you a little bit about the sites I recommend you to pay a visit to...

Tsuki-Board: My figure collection
I already introduced that one. For everyone who didn´t read that entry I think the name says everything.

Forum: German Figure Hunters & Blog: GF Hunters
A nice blog with figure news, reviews and other stuff. In the forum there also is a English Section. Absolute Blog Highlight: Interview with the guys from e2046! (in English)

My favourite Information source for Figure News. Lots of information on new figures.

Hunting the Elusive (Pireze)
A blog which covers hard to find Japanese goodies. These are: Magazine Scans, Digital Releases and Reviews of Doujinshi Stuff, Artbook Reviews, sometimes Figure Reviews and much more. Icie shows us lots of stuff we all will never get our hands on...
You can also read this "What is Pireze" from Icie for very detailed information about the blog.

Forever More Gallery
A Shounen-Ai Gallery hosted by a (former) Scanlation group. Offers pictures from Magazines, Mangas (only colour stuff) and Artbook Scans. Most of the time no "real action" stuff, if you know what I mean. Just Illustrations, nothing too naughty.

Aethereality Gallery
One of the biggest gallerys I know and also my favourite Gallery. Has many Artbook Scans in very good quality. It´s also my fav choice for Linking to when doing an Artbook review here on my blog.

Of course everyone has their favourite shopping place, so here are mine. I also shop at some EU/German Shops, maybe Links will follow.

Very well known shop. Stationed directly in Japan. Offers: Artbooks, Magazines, Figures and different Fun Goods (cushion covers, mugs, key holders...).

About/My opinion:
+ The prices are the ones of Japan, so they are pretty cheap
+ You can look at the shipping cost for an item before you order it
+ You can pay per paypal
+ Good Service, fast shipping
+ Packages packed very well
+ Combined shipping cost for several items ->cheaper

- If you want save shipping you have to choose EMS, that is really pricy
- No shipping cost shown for pre-order items
- Their packages seems to be easily cought by the customs, making a cheap-buy very expensive
- They don´t hold items! For example: Let´s say you place an order with "in stock" stuff and a pre-order item. After some time you check back and will se that suddenly one of the in stock items is now "Discontinued"; they just give it away instead of holding it for you.

~ Your orders need some time to be shown in their system

The favourite shop for all GK lovers. Stationed in HongKong, however you can buy here without doubt. Offers: PVC Figures, tons of Kits for the do-it-yourself types of you aswell as some prepainted Kits (for people like me^^).

About/My opinion:
+ Since directly in HongKong they have good prices
+ You can look at the exact shipping cost before placing an order, also for pre-orders
+ You can pay per paypal
+ Excellent service. It is very easy to contact e20 and they always are very friendly and helpful
+ Shipping cost isn´t as expensive as EMS (also offered), they use "HongKong registered airmail", till now never got problems with that
+ Shipping time; they need longer than EMS, but still are OK (should be less than 2 weeks, but it depends on where you live)
+ Userfriendly interface at your account

- No combined shipping cost, you can send figures together, but it costs the same as shipping them alone
- You don´t get an Invoice
- Customs can be cruel

~ They do not write a price on their packages; that can be bad and good. I have ordered there several times and customs never wanted taxes from me. But then one package was caught by the customs and in order to get my figure I had to send a invoice from e20 (something you don´t get from them) to them. It was quite a input to get my package. However, be sure e20 will help you, if you need an Invoice for the customs write them and you will get one.

So, that´s all for the moment.

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