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100 Hits!!

A 100 Hits! Yes, I know it´s not that much, but it´s a start and I am sure it will grow. Next up is 500 Hits! Make sure to help me reach them.


Figure Review: Shana Nekomimi Vers.

Time to do a Figure Review. So, first one is Shana. Since I am a huge fan of hers you will see many figures of her in the future.

Figure Name: Shana - Nekomimi Version
Series: Shakugan no Shana
Manufacture: Toy´s Works
Scale: 1/8

Something I really hate about Shana Figures is that there is always a black and a red version to choose cruel =(
In this case I tink the black one with the cat ears is cuter than the red "Secret Version".

My Opinion:
A nice over-all look, but does have lots of seem-lines. She also looks awfully thin, you even can see her ribs. She has a good face sculpt, also the flows in her hairs and her coat looks nice. Sadly her skin is not shaded. Using her coat as base was a nice idea.



Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Links Introduction

Finally! As you can see in my sidebar I now have Links. So, let me tell you a little bit about the sites I recommend you to pay a visit to...

Tsuki-Board: My figure collection
I already introduced that one. For everyone who didn´t read that entry I think the name says everything.

Forum: German Figure Hunters & Blog: GF Hunters
A nice blog with figure news, reviews and other stuff. In the forum there also is a English Section. Absolute Blog Highlight: Interview with the guys from e2046! (in English)

My favourite Information source for Figure News. Lots of information on new figures.

Hunting the Elusive (Pireze)
A blog which covers hard to find Japanese goodies. These are: Magazine Scans, Digital Releases and Reviews of Doujinshi Stuff, Artbook Reviews, sometimes Figure Reviews and much more. Icie shows us lots of stuff we all will never get our hands on...
You can also read this "What is Pireze" from Icie for very detailed information about the blog.

Forever More Gallery
A Shounen-Ai Gallery hosted by a (former) Scanlation group. Offers pictures from Magazines, Mangas (only colour stuff) and Artbook Scans. Most of the time no "real action" stuff, if you know what I mean. Just Illustrations, nothing too naughty.

Aethereality Gallery
One of the biggest gallerys I know and also my favourite Gallery. Has many Artbook Scans in very good quality. It´s also my fav choice for Linking to when doing an Artbook review here on my blog.

Of course everyone has their favourite shopping place, so here are mine. I also shop at some EU/German Shops, maybe Links will follow.

Very well known shop. Stationed directly in Japan. Offers: Artbooks, Magazines, Figures and different Fun Goods (cushion covers, mugs, key holders...).

About/My opinion:
+ The prices are the ones of Japan, so they are pretty cheap
+ You can look at the shipping cost for an item before you order it
+ You can pay per paypal
+ Good Service, fast shipping
+ Packages packed very well
+ Combined shipping cost for several items ->cheaper

- If you want save shipping you have to choose EMS, that is really pricy
- No shipping cost shown for pre-order items
- Their packages seems to be easily cought by the customs, making a cheap-buy very expensive
- They don´t hold items! For example: Let´s say you place an order with "in stock" stuff and a pre-order item. After some time you check back and will se that suddenly one of the in stock items is now "Discontinued"; they just give it away instead of holding it for you.

~ Your orders need some time to be shown in their system
The favourite shop for all GK lovers. Stationed in HongKong, however you can buy here without doubt. Offers: PVC Figures, tons of Kits for the do-it-yourself types of you aswell as some prepainted Kits (for people like me^^).

About/My opinion:
+ Since directly in HongKong they have good prices
+ You can look at the exact shipping cost before placing an order, also for pre-orders
+ You can pay per paypal
+ Excellent service. It is very easy to contact e20 and they always are very friendly and helpful
+ Shipping cost isn´t as expensive as EMS (also offered), they use "HongKong registered airmail", till now never got problems with that
+ Shipping time; they need longer than EMS, but still are OK (should be less than 2 weeks, but it depends on where you live)
+ Userfriendly interface at your account

- No combined shipping cost, you can send figures together, but it costs the same as shipping them alone
- You don´t get an Invoice
- Customs can be cruel

~ They do not write a price on their packages; that can be bad and good. I have ordered there several times and customs never wanted taxes from me. But then one package was caught by the customs and in order to get my figure I had to send a invoice from e20 (something you don´t get from them) to them. It was quite a input to get my package. However, be sure e20 will help you, if you need an Invoice for the customs write them and you will get one.

So, that´s all for the moment.


Wonder Festival: More Links and Infos

Despite the fact I already covered WF I wanted to let you know that dannychoo offers a long list with links with lots of pictures from WF.
A very nice one is that to moeyo. (Tip: dannychoo is only linking to one of the posts of WF, when following my link you can see all entries; just click on the "Event"-named posts.)
Nekomagic has now put up some parts of their detailed coverage, do not miss!
Also I got some more news I want to show here:

Nendoroid - Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji
I do not know why, but this seems to been photographed very few times since I just saw it yesterday the first time. Glad that I seen it, he is at the top of my "wanted" list know^^

Next is a GK (not assembled and not painted) that catched my eye. It is Sakura from Tsubasa RC! Please, to everyone with an account on e2046, add her to the Gathering Choice station when e20 puts her on their site!
And another GK (not assembled and not painted): Queen´s Blade Yumil (steel staff vers.)
She looks sooo gorgerous please, to everyone with an account on e2046, add her to the Gathering Choice station! Link to her on e20:

I will never have the skills to paint her myself... add her to Gathering! Make her avaiable for me! (and everyone elso who cannot paint and assemble kits)


Monday, July 27, 2009

Wonder Festival: Coverage

Coverage of WF09. Not much more to say. Only stuff interesting for me. Links with more information and pictures at the end of this post.

Let´s start with better pictures of Alters Mercedes, Marisa Nendoroid, the BRS and Canaan PVC from Good Smile:

Canaan Nendoroids: Canaan and Alphard
Is this only me or are Canaans trousers looking angular?

Preview on the Death Note Petite 02 !
Near and Mello -must have.

Figma Canaan
With this there are already three Figures of Canaan...

Figma Ein (series: Requiem for the phantom)

And, of course a Nendoroid of her: (seems they are making Nendos out of everything these days^^)
Wonder what her other faces will look like, so far she is very cute.

Triela from Gunslinger Girls, Good Smile Company

Reimu from Touhou Project

Kiki Oki from the Eroge Sumaga, manufacture Yamato
She looks really interesting to me, I hope Yamato doesn´t screw up the final product.

Here are some Links with more infos/pictures: (at the moment the coverage is not already up, but I know nekomagic will make it superb and very detailed -highly recommended) (German only)

Lots of Pictures: (PVC Figures, mecha) (mostly GK)


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wonder Festival 2009: First Pictures

Wow! Internet really is something amazing^^ I just looked trough my favourite sites for figure-information and already found some pictures from WF! It seems one Japanese blog offers a Life Coverage of WF, just great.
Here some stuff that catchs my eye, lots of other pictures (aswell as larger scale ones) can be find here:

A painted example for Good Smiles Canaan Figure which I also posted in non-painted stage in my preview of WF. She looks fantastic. However somehow I think it is strange that she already get a Figure release, I mean how long is the series now running? About 3 Episodes or so? Figure builders seems busy in jumping on trends before they are even there...

A second Black Rock Shooter figure. (There is one having release in August)
Not 100% sure, but I think this one is also from Good Smile.
Something I really like about the BRS is this scar, I think it makes her more interesting as if she would have perfect skin. However, I think her bikini top is a bit too tiny...
Iiiiik! Unpainted Marisa Nendoroid. After the Remilia Nendo it was clear that we will see more Touhou Nendoroids. She is cute, but I am pretty sure that she will be hard to get...

Two girls from K-On aswell as Alters Mercedes Figur. Looking very nice, I hope I can see bigger pictures for Mercedes soon.

As I also mentioned in my last post there will also be K-On Nendoroids, so here a look at them:

Kobato from the newest Clamp Manga. I think manufacture has to be Kotobukiya, since their name is standing on the plate nearby. I think her face doesn´t look good, but I can´t really tell from so far away -view.

Also I have seen this new Shining Wind Figure. I am not sure if she is presented at WF, but she looks to good to not be mentioned:

Last picture for the moment. I believe this Nendoroid is something like Good Smiles Mascot. I have already seen her before and I think she is cute. I hope they will release her as a regular Nendoroid.

More Figure-News from WF will follow.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Updates of the last weeks

Since the start of my site some things were updated/ have changed, so here is a list:

Layout: At the start my site was very pink because of the template I choosed, meanwhile it looks less pink. I think the colours now go nicely together.

Feature: Added the "Read more.." feature so that my blog is easier to flip trough.

Language: Re-wrote all my old entries with English, so that everyone can read them. Also you may have seen that in my last two posts I didn´t use German anymore, this is because in the end I realised that writing everything two times in two different languages is hard work... nevertheless some stuff still will also be in German.

Counter: Also added one of them, so please check back often and help my counter to grow :)

My Readers: Since some days I also got people who read my blog regular. So, hello to my two readers! Thanks for reading my blog, hope you enjoy it. And don´t be too shy to leave a comment once in a while^^

Links: As you can see, I don´t have any links (despite in the posts) on my site. At the moment I am checking out how to make link-lists and such stuff and I hope you will soon have some nice links to visit :3
So, hmm.... I think that´s all for now.


Wonder Festival 2009: Preview

As most of you will already know tomorrow is WF09!
You can find lots of posts all araound the internet which already show some of the new figures that we are going to see. I hope that some more figure news will already be avaiable tomorrow evening.
Here some figures that catch my attention:

1/5 Ezomori Nozomu from Kanokon, manufacture Kotobukiya
After WF she will also be avaiable on Kotobukiya online-store in November.
If she would not be so pricy (10.000 yen) and hard to get and I would not be full with pre-orders already I really would like to buy her..
She is from this "4-hearts" series like Watarase Jun, I even think that their poses are similar. Also she does not have much bigger breasts than him^^

Mio Nendoroid from K-On
I do not understand what´s so hot about K-On, or Mio. However I like Nendos, and if she looks good she shall be mine^^ (Also I need this Guitar .. nendo size!)

Nendoroid Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai
Already a must-have. She looks great.

Canaan Good Smile Company PVC
Can´t wait to see this coloured...

Griffon will have their limited colour Touhou Figures at WF, only one of them that looks good to me is white Patchouli: (Patchouli normal colour aswell as Remilia normal colour were pre-ordered by me) Here are lots of beautiful pictures of her:

There are tons of figures comming up, above just my favourites.
Also I am looking forward too the Death Note Nendoroid Petits aswell as the Queen´s Gate -HobbyJapan Petits.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Preorders -Specials

As promised, here are my special Preorders. Special means in this case that you can not get this on regular/easy way. All three Figures were ordered through tokyohunter, in case you want to know.
Price I paid him for them is also listed, be aware that shipping cost are not included. (he will tell them to me when everything is avaiable, geeh I am sure shipping will kill me, always soo expensive)

Taiga PVC, manufacture: Kotobukiya, Dengeki Daioh Magazine Exclusive

Kyaah, she is soo cute! Her eyes, this pose, absoulute moe. 10.000yen was expensive, but I could not say no to this eyes.

Touhou Project -Remilia Scarlet, by Griffon, 9800yen, only avaiable on some japanese Online stores
Bat-girl, not seen often.

Touhou Project -Patchouli, by Griffon, 9800yen, only avaiable on some japanese Online stores

There is also one very beautiful WonderFestival limited version of Patchouli, all in white. Wished to get that one, but failed and normal version is also very cute^^

In fact I also like Marisa and Reimu, but you can not buy stuff without money...

Also I am a bit worried about quality, Griffon tends to make their products look not as good as the prototype (eg colours tend to be different). And for my taste Griffon figures look "stiff" and static.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Preorders

Sorry that I am posting so little. The weather is to blame, since where I live the last weeks got very bad weather and besides much rain there also has been thunderstorms, and so going oline was not possible very often. Also, because of that, if good weather was a head I was not very motivated to sitt in my room in front of the PC^^
Next week I am on holiday and will have more time for writting.
For the moment, why don´t you take a look at my preorders for the next months?
August and September are horrible for figure collectors since too much nice figures are comming out in this time, don´t you agree?
So here they are:

Black Rock Shooter by Good Smile Company, August
Love at first sight. Somehow quite a lot of people are getting her.

4-Hearts- Happiness: Jun Watarase by Solid Theater, August

"Aww, such a cute girl!", you are saying? Wrong. This is a boy! He is some crossdresser of the DatingSim Game Happiness. I hope he turns out as great as the prototyp...

Miku -World is mine by Good Smile Company, September
Aww, I am so going with the there even anyone not bying her?

Re-release of Airi from Queen´s Blade, September
Wanted her very long, I am glad they re-released her.

Re-release of Yuumil from Queen´s Blade
Also wanted since a looong time.

Alleyn from Queen´s Blade
Three Queen´s Blade figures, will be looking nice together

Saber Lily Nendoroid by Good Smile Company
How can anyone not want this cutie^^

So, that´s it for my regular pre-orders. I also get my hands on some specials. Come back tomorrow to see whom I will be getting.


Tut mir echt Leid dass ich so selten in meinen blog schreibe, vorallem daran Schuld ist das Wetter bei mir. Kaum ein Tag an dem es nicht gewittert (und online gehen somit unmöglich wird). Und wenn es dann doch mal schön ist, mag man auch nicht vor dem PC hocken^^
Nächste Woche hab ich Urlaub, ich hoffe ich finde dann mehr Zeit zum Schreiben.
Hier jetzt endlich einmal was Anderes als Artbooks^^
Wer so wie ich Figuren sammelt stimmt mir vielleicht zu, August und September sind zwei echte Horrormonate für Figurenliebhaber. So viele tolle Figuren die da erscheinen... Um sicher zu gehen die Wichtigsten zu erwischen hab ich schon fleißig vorbestellt, ich freu mich schon darauf wenn sie dann endlich eintrudeln:3

Bilder und kurze Info oben. Ein paar spezielle Figuren folgen Morgen noch.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

pyoko´s realm goes English!

In order to bring my site to a bigger audience I diceded to write my entries not only in German but in English too. All my old posts will be updated with Englich soon.
Writing German is easier for me, so some stuff, like longer reviews, still will be German-only. Please also overlook false grammatic or cruel language handling by me^^
I hope with this I can bring more people to have interest in my site. Hope you enjoy it.

Ab sofort ist meine Seite in Deutsch und Englisch! Da bekanntlich sehr viele Menschen Englisch verstehen hoffe ich dadurch mehr Leute für meinen Blog interessieren zu können. Auch meine bisherigen Posts werden noch überarbeitet werden.
Natürlich würde wohl auch eine rein Englische Version genügen, aber eigentlich schreib ich halt lieber Deutsch^^
Generell werden Alle die Deutsch lesen können einen Vorteil haben da ich plane gewisse Dinge, wie meine längeren Reviews, nur Deutsch zu halten.
Hoffe es gefällt euch^^


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Artbook: Zombie-Loan Artworks

Peach-Pit are well known for their series Rozen Maiden and Dears. Most of the time I do not like their style, but this Artbook is quite nice. Also I have fallen in love with the cover.

Title: Zombie-Loan Artworks
Artist: Peach-Pit
Serie(s): Zombie-Loan
Format: A4
Pages: 114 (All in colour)
Extras: fold-out poster

Covers (32 pages)
Opening Colors (25)
Center Colors (14)
Goods (25)
Various Illustrations (15)
Index (3)

Almost only Illustrations, few text. More boys than girls. Many differnt styles (soft colors, pop-art pictures). Includes three non Zombie-Loan Ilustrations. Absolutely not the regular Peach-Pit style.

Sorry - a complete review is only avaiable in German. However feel free to ask me if you got questions about the artbook.

Scans: These are not all pictures from the Artbook, but many are. They also give you a good idea of what is awaiting you:

Den meisten sagt Peach-Pit bestimmt etwas, vor allem ihre Serien Dears und Rozen Maiden sind auch bei uns sehr bekannt. Eigentlich mag ich Peach-Pit nicht sonderlich, aber dieses Artbook ist spitze.
Kurzinfos und Inhaltsangabe entnehmt bitte oben.

In diesem Artbook zeigt sich Peach-Pit von einer ungewohnten Seite.
Schon mal recht ungewohnt ist die Tatsache, dass es in diesem Artbook zwei Jungs sind, die am Meisten Aufmerksamkeit kriegen, wo doch, ich erinnere an Dears, ansonsten eher Mädels im Blickpunkt von Peach-Pits Werken (auch Artbooks) stehen.
Und siehe da; Peach-Pit kann tatsächlich auch ziemlich gut Jungs zeichnen. (Keine Sorge, auch die Mädchen kommen nicht zu kurz).
Die Bilder wechseln von weichen Pastelltönen zu einfachen CG und Pop Art Bildern. Peach-Pit haben ihrer Kreativität keine Grenzen gesetzt und probieren viele verschiedene Stile aus. Auch die Hintergründe sind zwar einfach, aber sehr einfallsreich und ansprechend.
Die Charakter wirken lebendiger und haben mehr Ausstrahlung als von Peach-Pit gewohnt. Viele der Illustrationen sind außerdem sehr stimmungsvoll und überzeugen durch eine gewisse Tiefe.
Weiter hinten findet man neben farbigen Seiten des Mangas auch 3 Bilder die nichts mit Zombie-Loan zutun haben.

Ich persönlich bevorzuge diesen etwas anderen Stil dem sonstigen Peach-Pit Stil, und kann das Artbook auch Leuten die mit Peach-Pit sonst nichts anfangen können empfehlen.

Scans: Nicht konkret nur Scans des Artbooks, aber viele dieser Bilder sind im Buch enthalten und es hilft um den Stil kennen zu lernen; der Link ist oben.