Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Modelkit: Little drow

Hello there everyone. Yep, I am actually writing something again XD
I don´t really have an excuse for not writing so long, it´s just that I don´t felt like it. I will try to write a pixiv navigation post in the next weeks.

For now; I recently finished with my 3. kit and want to show it to you.
(1.kit here,only one pic though and my 2.kit with lots of pics)
The original kit is thought to look like this. I am not so fond of pink hair and the more pink-haired elfes, and so decided to give her my own colour scheme. Since I am into roleplaying games too I decided it would be nice to make me a drow that for once does not have a gaze like a murderer XD
Drows are coloured pretty differently throughout the net, I orientated myself on the art of an online fantasy comic I like a lot, called yafgc.

So here is the colourscheme I took as orientation. Dark-grey for skin, red eyes and white-light grey hairs.
Oh, and go and read the comic after finishing looking at my elf  :D

I must admit that I am very proud of the eyes.

I am happy with how she turned out, but I still have a lot to learn. Made so many little mistakes >.<


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pixiv Tutorial: Registration+ Login/Logout

Maybe some of you noticed that the pixiv design changed some months ago. Back than I thought about updating my tutorial, but no one was interested. However now I was asked to make an update and so I do :D

How to register
1. Click on the orange button (see picture above)

2. Fill in form for registration (looks a lot easier than before)
See description on the screenshot for what to fill in where. Some more help:  
(took this from my old tutorial, it is possible that something changed)
pixiv ID: 3 - 32 characters long, alphanumeric characters, hyphens and underscores only. Uppercase characters will be converted to lowercase. You cannot begin or end the ID with hyphens or underscores.
ニックネーム (Nickname): The name others will see you as. 15 characters max.  
パスワード (Password): 6 to 32 characters long. Fill in both with the same password.
性別 (Gender): first one "no information", second "male", third "female"

When done click on the orange button. Since I am already registered I can´t do this once more, so I am unsure what exactly will happen. I guess you should get an "registration done" e-mail, like it was with the old pixiv too. In case you get some error try another nickname or change the ID or the password.

Congratulations, now you can log in with your ID + password and browse through pixiv!

How to Login and Logout
On the top right of the site you will find the login menu. Click on the drop-down arrow in the circle. Type in your ID and your password and click the button (or hit the enter key on your keyboard).

To log out click on ログアウ on the very top right. (see screenshot)
Would recommend you to remember that^^ (when clicked pixiv asks you if you really want to leave; just click OK)
Beside the logout you will find the "R 18" rated section. I am unsure if this will appear for you, I think you will have to unlock the area in your settings first. And honestly - no idea where to do so. I will search for it and tell you in another post.
Between the "R18" and the "logout" you can see a link to the "help" section. Noch much of use to us non-japanese though.

With the help of the search field -or by just clicking around- you can now already surf through the pictures a little bit. Next pixiv post will be about the navigation.

I hope this updated tutorials are of some use^^.


Wonder Festival 2011 (winter)

Some new figures I put my eyes on. Thanks god I didn´t see too many that I really want.
Alter - Guilty Gear XX - Dizzy
Ok, this one isn´t new news, but she is stunning and I already preordered her :D

Alter - Starry Sky - Kinose Azusa
Exclusive run *sniff* I want him, but he will be expensive..will have to think about it.

Kotobukiya - NGE - Kaworu Nagisa
How cruel, to anounce this just after I paid for my Megahouse Kaworu.. I hope he doesn´t looks too good, really don´t need another Kaworu. *must resist*

Kotobukiya One Coins
Made to make the female collectors poor. There are still many older sets I want..

Megahouse - Gintama - Takasugi Shinsuke
Must have, can´t wait to see it coloured

Megahouse - Gintama - Katsura Kotarou
May buy him, depends on how he looks when coloured. I hope Megahouse brings us more Gintama characters, I want a Kagura.

Megahouse - One Piece - Ace (Strong World vers.)
I am a big fan of Ace, so almost a must have. Just don´t really like the face. AND he sold out instantly mostly everywhere, like it was with Perona too @.@
Do Megahouse produce their figures in lower quantities now or what´s up with their recent releases selling out so fast?

Good Smile Company - Lacia
Looks like it´s gonna be expensive, so I will possibly skip it in the end. But looks lovely so far.

Good Smile Company - Vocaloid - Nendoroid Snow Miku (Snow Playtime Ed.)
awww, she is so cute, and of course exclusive >.< This sucks..

Good Smile Company - Touhou Project - Nendoroid Cirno
I am looking forward to see her painted.

Good Smile Company - Disgaea - Nendoroid Etna
LOL XD Etnaaaa *yeah* why now? who knows. who cares. Must have.

I also saw some more news for Griffons Touhou  figures. Why must they all look so good >.< I am weak against the Touhou costumes/outfits.

Like with every WF Nekomagic posted a great overview of all the manufactures and also the different GK circles. It´s worth to have a look!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vocational school is over, but..

Hi guys. My 5 (!) months of vocational school are over since last friday. This means I finally will have some free time again! Life has me back!
That´s also good news for readers of my blog (are you still there?), because now I have access to the internet during the week too! It was quite hard to live through almost a half year without that, I tell you.
The next weeks won´t be too busy for me and I guess I should be able to post more regulary :D

So where is the catch to this good news?
"Catch" is the right word, I catched a flu :(
A pretty bad one too, had over 39grad fever on Sunday evening. Lots of sweating, headache, sniffing, coughing and so on. I feel a bit better now, but this nasty flus need there time to cure.

When I feel better I will post about:
1. WF 2011 figures of my interest (can´t I skip that^_^)
2. new pixiv design-> update of my tutorial as requested by a reader ( I won´t make it as comprehensive as the first one, but I´ll try to include to most important things)

btw. some other good news for me; all my long awaited figures I posted some time ago arrived in the meantime^^ (But had to pay lots of taxes =.=)

Going back to bed now, see you.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Random talk

 Hello everyone, how have your holidays been? Or did you have to work? 
I had two weeks of vacation, but I was pretty busy. There was so much stuff I planned to post, but never did..sorry^^"
read on for some random talk..

Since I didn´t have much time left to spend with my friends during vocational school I  spent a lot of time with them during the last two weeks.
We mostly played our Role-playing game (pen and paper). It follows a system out thought by a friend of mine and the game master is my best friend. It´s her first time of leading a role-playing game, but she is doing fine nonetheless.
I guess for people who never played that kind of stuff themselfs it´s pretty hard to figure out what it´s all about. Or at last my mum doesn´t understand how an RPG works with only some sheets, dices and a laarge portion of fantasy XD

I am playing an elf rogue, you know.. lots of sneaking around, trap disarming, opening locks, teasing our groups paladin... just the regular stuff XD

On Monday I will have to return to vocational school. Since I was ill the last schooldays before christmas I missed out on two exams, because of that I will have to take them right after this weekend. So I spent my last 4 vacation days with studying *sob*

Some other thing; I have about 4 parcels out there that seem to got lost in christmas period or so.. I am waiting since quite some time but none of them arrived so far.. one of them is the Alter Hideyoshi *want so badly*
wtf, I mean, It can´t actually be that 4 parcels of the same person get lost? Can it?
Please tell me that it can´t happen >.<
*continues waiting*


Friday, December 24, 2010

~ Merry Christmas ~

Christmas time!! yay, this means 2 free weeks for me! >w<

 I wish a merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all of you!
Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein gutes Neues Jahr!
楽しい クリスマス !
Noël heureux !
natale felice !
feliz Navidad !